An (EMCC) European Mentoring and Coaching Council Accredited Coach at senior practitioner level, my work as a freelance coach brings me in contact with clients who wish to have conversations primarily in the areas of:

Executive Coaching

Clients who want to achieve specific professional goals

Leadership Transitions

Clients who are navigating their way into a new leadership role for the first time or seasoned leaders who are moving to more senior roles within an organisation  

Leadership Development

Clients who want to explore their own leadership style and how they can be at their best

Career Journey

Clients who want to consider their next career move and prepare for same

Personal Change

Clients who are working through personal change and exploring a way forward

Clients can come to coaching with a specific goal in mind or want to explore areas of their work or personal life that they are seeking to get clarity on or identify changes that they want to work towards.   So the above areas are interchangeable and act as guides only as the direction of the coaching is determined by the client.

I am happy to explore your unique needs to determine if I can provide a coaching service for you or guide you to other sources if required.

Client Testimonials